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About Crafts Woman Fabrics

Craftswoman Fabrics history goes back to 1971

History of the company

Here at CW Fabrics, we are a 3rd generation family business in Carrickfergus, N. Ireland. We have just celebrated our 50th anniversary year. We are passionate about all things sewing related. We have a strong dedicated customer service team and have many years of service to the sewing community. We understand that there is nothing that beats the excitement of the plundering of a shop’s bunks and shelves to find that elusive fabric and surprise bargain. Now in this digital age we want to continue to show you the wonderful spectrum of different items that we have on offer.

We understand fabrics

Our parent company Galway Brothers Ltd, first exported Irish Linens and embroidery fabrics to the Americas and Far East. Our father Wilson was instrumental in this and spent many years extolling the virtues of Irish Linen. Similarly, our mother Beatrice was a shinning light in all things dressmaking, she had spent many years sewing and cultivated a strong following through her many years of dedicated service in retail.

We stock an eclectic range of fabrics

We have always had an enthusiastic family of sewing clients from the beginning and want to share and ensure your experience with us is as enjoyable and as easy as it can be.

We offer all types of fabric for Day, Evening, Bridal, Couture, Craft, Patchwork and all the Haberdashery and notions you will need to complete your article. Having cultivated contacts in some of the top Mills, this keeps our offering fresh, fashion led and current, we know this is what you have come to expect and rely upon. We also continually stock those timeless classics – cottons, crepes, lawn, twills, denim, wool, interfacings and linings – the standard items you will need all year round.

The CW Fabrics Team

All our colleagues have years of experience in the fabric and sewing world, from creative studies, textile graduates to local dressmakers. We’re a dedicated bunch who want to bring you the best of fabrics to help with any ideas you have, coupled with great customer service. We’re located in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, N. Ireland which has a wealth of history from its Norman Castle (setting for many films) to our location on the Great Coast Road. We are next to The Gobbins coastal path (you’ll need a Whiskey after completion!). Come visit!

Adrian / Co-Director

Adrian is co-Director and head honcho, the one to go to if a problem. He is used to multi-tasking from, checking with suppliers, ordering, co-ordinating customer’s needs, servicing a sewing machine to brushing the floor. He finds multi-tasking a doddle. He tries to ‘reign it in’ and not only select Blue, when faced with the plentiful offerings from our suppliers.

Away from CW Fabrics
A qualified wood worker, he’d like you to believe. Motor bike enthusiast, some very wet days spent at the side of a racetrack. He likes ‘dad’ dancing, much to his girl’s annoyance and can’t understand why you need to wash the plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Likes dance music but needs to resist now, in case he breaks a hip.

Creative burst
Has made everything from shirts to overcoats – a creative streak handed down from parents.

Chemical Brothers, Cafe del Mar

Favourite exercise routine
You must be joking!

Edward / Co-Director

Edward is co-Director. Creative, Financial & Media Director. He is brushing up on skill levels to bring you an up-to-date website and SEO.Originally starting as an accountant, a creative passion handed down from parents has meant he enjoys the procurement of new tantalising items and worked with magazines such as Vogue Patterns, etc to ensure we stay fresh and current. 

Away from CW Fabrics
He can cut a shirt in no time but don’t ask for a delivery date. He is enthusiastic to present to customers a wealth of experience from all the team. He speaks Franglais and Spanglish! is just as handy with a paint brush and wants to book his next holiday just after the last. He would like to mix more cocktails, would prefer Champagne over prosecco (if you are buying) and can never wait for the next music gig.

BBC 3 Jazz, Miss Nancy Wilson, Claire Martin OBE, Ian Shaw, (check them out!) anything 1980’s New Romantic – yes! he goes back that far.

Never seen without
Laptop, Phone

The World / Australia

Favourite Beach
Boracay, Philippines, oh he’s just boasting now!

Carol / Showroom Manager

Carol manages our Showroom. From her early days in Zimbabwe to returning to her birth home.  She is a mine of sewing information. An early training in Janome and Elna machines ensures a wealth of information and sewing tech info. Currently brushing up on new technology to keep you abreast of all the new things here.  

Away from CW Fabrics
Carol is a super qualified sewer and has been sewing from an early age. Her workroom is bedecked with all forms of machines and overlockers, so she can jump from one to the other to finish her garment in super quick time.

She’s now also revamped her whole house, so nothing stands in this woman’s way.

Anything from Classical Ballet to Heavy Metal, she wants everyone to Tango and do the ‘Time Warp’

Partner in crime
My son Dion – he knows craft/sewing fairs like the back of his hand – I don’t think he admits this to his friends!  he’s a well-trained carpenter so creativity is in the blood.

Favourite quote
MLK said ‘I have a dream’ we all need time out to dream.

Sewing Tip
Press as you sew. Your iron should work as hard as your sewing machine.

Damien / Head of Warehouse

Damien heads the Warehouse, he accepts orders from the mills, checks, cuts and packs orders and will cover buttons to match any garment. Fluent in ‘Nord Irish’ (just in case you need a translation).

Away from CW Fabrics
Damien has a crafty streak and could easily go on ‘The Sewing Bee’. He’s a Box Set kind of guy and can’t wait for the latest Syfy series.

Planet Rock – because sometimes you need some Metal – Oh Lorde!

Favourite Relax
Netflix series and the latest Lee Child or Clive Cussler adventure takes him to a happy place.

Any Tips
One dog is quite enough!

A sun lounger in Lanzarote – now we’re with him on that!

Lorraine / Showroom Assistant

Lorraine is our Showroom assistant and Mail Order despatcher. Started her training in curtain making and soft furnishing sales and progressed into dressmaking. A combination of these skills ensure she is ready for any request.

She would love to appear on The Sewing Bee but would die if the hems and buttonholes would be unfinished.

Away from CW Fabrics
Lorraine has a soft heart for animals and would be keen to rehome and add to her brood of cats but thinks 4 is enough. 

Ed Sheeran or Stormzy

Favourite quote
Keanu Reeves Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so live today!

A Sewing Tip
Need a seam allowance guide in a hurry – use a couple of elastic bands as a temporary marker.

Switzerland that’s where she’s off to when the EuroMillions comes in

Marie / Pattern Catalogue, Sales Showroom and Mail Order Assistant

Marie is our pattern cataloguer and Sales Showroom and Mail Order Assistant for orders – she also makes sure to include samples with orders should the need arise. She will ensure your order is ready for immediate despatch. 

Away from CW Fabrics
Marie is a demon with a quilting block and has made everything under the sun, she knocks these out with gusto. Now more concentrated on her own style she continues to add to her eclectic mix of makes extending her wardrobe.

oooh Gary Barlow or Adele if feeling sad.

A partner in crime
Oscar my 4-legged friend.

Favourite quote
‘Start every day on a positive note’

Favourite Tip
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy fabric and that’s pretty close!

It’s got to be Scotland, but a cruise is very nice too!

Nat / Showroom Sales Assistant

Nat is our Showroom Sales assistant – sample requests are her domain, our stock levels are closely monitored and amended by her, she manages her time with the extra pressures of 2 young ones. She is well organised.

Away from CW Fabrics
Nat is a demon at cooking, get her recipe for her ‘Kị̀ p̄hạd perī̂ywh̄wān’ – Thai sweet and sour chicken. Whilst new to dressmaking she is enjoying the creative side of choosing, patterns, fabrics and colours and uses a local dressmaker if she’s running out of time.

Stormzy – Anything Rap (No really!  we’re showing our age now!)

Any Tips
Make a list & tidy as you go – remind her girls & hubby that one!

Favourite quote
‘I can be whatever I want to be’

Thailand, where she gets to visit family and friends.

Bill / Website Maintenance & Backroom Logistics

Bill oversees website maintenance and backroom logistics. He has training in the charity sector, so brings a wealth of dependable realism to what we can and cannot do time permitting. He enjoys home maintenance and has lost count over the many refurbishments to date. He would love a new pet but can’t bear the trauma of being apart when on holiday.

Inspired by great icons of the music world, DSB, Barbara S, Tony B, and has seen them all.

By hand don’t show me that overlocker!

‘Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today!’

Sunny, centred on pool rather than exertion, with a glass of vino – he means bottle! ?
If he had to do it all again, immigration to Australia, he would have loved.

Our stock is continually evolving with new items arriving every week.

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