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JANOME Corporation, popularly known as Janome, (pronounced: Ja – No -Mey), has been synonymous with quality sewing machines for over a century. In 1936, the company acquired its first mass production factory for sewing machines, starting out in Japan and now also with manufacturing plants in Thailand and Taiwan. Janome are proud of being the No.1 sewing machine manufacturer in the world and export products to more than 100 countries worldwide. Japanese entrepreneur Yosaku Ose founded the PINE sewing machine factory on October 16, 1921. He took the conventional oblong ‘shuttle-type’ bobbin and replaced it with a round bobbin. The innovative design improved efficiency and speed of the traditional sewing machine significantly. The new bobbin soon gained ground, and users affectionately called it Janome meaning ‘the Snake’s eye’ in Japanese. The name stuck, eventually becoming an official trademark JANOME in 1935 and formally adopted as the company name Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., in 1954, changing to JANOME Corporation in October 2021 at its 100th Anniversary.

Established October 1st, 1968 Janome UK Ltd. started to trade in 1969 as New Home Sewing Machine Co Ltd. As part of the globalisation of the Janome Group, it changed its name to Janome UK Ltd. in the mid 1990’s. Janome is now the brand leader in the UK with an extensive range of sewing machines and overlockers. Janome sewing machines are designed for ease of use to encourage all levels of sewing. Over 2 million Janome machines have been sold in the UK, with over 60 million sold worldwide. Renowned for quality & reliability at affordable prices Janome’s aim is to provide customers with an unrivalled level of service.

Since the earliest days of founding Janome products have been at the cutting edge of sewing technology. Janome was the first to develop a computerised machine for home use (the Memory 7, in 1979), the first to offer professional style embroidery to the home market (the Memory Craft 8000, in 1990) and the first to offer a long-arm quilting machine for home use (the Memory Craft 6500P, in 2003), the latest models now have up to 280mm (11 inches) of arm space, removable AcuFeed Flex dual feed, and a high resolution LCD touch screens. The Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 is the latest flagship model, the first ever wireless-enabled sewing and embroidery machine. It is now possible to send designs or monitor stitching using an iPad or PC.

Janome believes that its customers have the right to expect that its products will provide them with truly aspirational levels of quality and value without exploiting the people who work for our suppliers. 

To give yourself peace of mind, Janome sewing machines come with 2 years warranty which covers parts and labour – you can then extend this up to five years by purchasing a warranty!

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Janome CoverPro 2000CPX


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Janome – Atelier 6


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Janome – Atelier 3


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Janome – Model 5270 QDC


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Janome – Model HD2200


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Janome – Sewist 780DC


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Janome – Sewist 725S


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Janome 360DC


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Janome 423s